We have many years of experience in strategic
and operational corporate orientation


Our strategic and operational service portfolio is comprehensive and is based on many years of solution experience in the industrial and automotive sectors.

Our differentiation

Our comprehensive expertise is based on a unique combination of many years of experience in a large number of national and international management positions, implementation-oriented management consultancy the strategic corporate auditing in global corporations and upper mid-sized companies as well as in the training and development of specialist and management personnel.

Our solutions include more than just slides

Together with the client, we develop an individual, realistic action plan and ensure its smooth implementation – no matter whether strategically for long-term successful placement on the world market or purely operationally for the rapid generation of savings potentials to secure the company.

We have many years of distinctive industry experience

With excellent connections to industry and the automotive sector in all relevant areas and hierarchies as well as a powerful international partner network for special consulting tasks, we solve a wide variety of tasks quickly and consistently in a company-oriented manner.

Our focus: Corporate success and 100% customer satisfaction!

Our core skills:

Consulting expertise  

We think and act in a practice-oriented manner and are equal partners in discussions. Thanks to synergies from our experience in a wide variety of industries, our consulting services are future-oriented and specialized in business-critical situations. We do not use standard solutions, but instead provide individual and comprehensive advice with a focus on feasibility and cost-effectiveness.

Audit expertise  

With our many years of experience in strategic corporate audit work, we are in a position to support you with audit issues. We can audit your global production network and show you where your sites stand in comparison with the benchmark. This will provide you with a meaningful basis for optimizing your network in order to realize savings potentials.

Operational excellence 

Can operational corporate structures be improved? In critical situations, absolutely! With lateral thinking and small and fast steps, effectiveness and efficiency can be achieved along a company's entire value creation chain in the short and medium term. We won't abandon you, and will be at your side throughout the entire process – from the sustainable optimization and restructuring of purchasing, production, and quality management, through to the establishment of powerful and comprehensive logistics.

Global footprint

We will help you realize and optimize worldwide production processes and networks. This is about more than just exploiting short- and medium-term wage cost advantages in the Far East or Asia. Our experience extends to global capacity and investment planning for a company and partial relocation abroad, including optimizing production and supply chain costs and selecting suitable locations or partners in connection with HR topics, in order to position the company positively in global competition.

Factory/logistics planning

We organize companies, factories and logistics in line with INDUSTRY 4.0. If you want to restructure, expand, or adapt your existing site to new requirements, integrate a newly acquired site or plan a new "greenfield site", then we're the right partner for you. GOLDHACKER CONSULTING provides you with everything you need from a single source: strategy, location search, partner search, project planning, architecture and equipment, personnel planning and organization and support during production start-up. 

Lean supply-chain management

The reactions to constantly changing customer and market requirements are critical factors for every company in global competition. As a global player, we offer optimization along the entire value chain in corporate and production management. We review global location structures and assign technologies and investments to specific locations, weighing up the balance between central governance and local autonomy and setting up production and logistics at new locations.

INDUSTRY 4.0 and digitalization

In this area, we will advise you on merging information, communication, production and automation technologies and solutions. This will enable you to achieve a sustainable increase in the efficiency of your production and logistics systems in interaction with related specialist areas.

Finance advisory

We will answer all your accounting and controlling questions. We will draw up business and liquidity plans based on your operating figures and use them to set up a suitable performance indicator system for controlling your company. Using this customized and sustainable solution, we will propose recommended actions for identifying your risks and turning them into opportunities. 

Personnel management

We have many years of experience as mentors and coaches, which means that we have comprehensive expertise in the fast and reliable evaluation and selection of current and future managers. We act as a competent and responsible partner for our clients when it comes to implementing activities for the targeted recruitment and reduction of personnel.


GOLDHACKER CONSULTING offers companies comprehensive training for employees of all departments and hierarchy levels. Our training courses are practice-oriented and an ideal way of building up and securing internal knowledge in various company areas, such as research, development, production and logistics.