in the realignment of large
and medium-sized companies


Results for executive managements and boards

In today's globally networked world there is only one constant for companies, and that is change! The survival and success of organizations depends on their ability to adapt quickly and efficiently to economic, technical and social changes and market dynamics.
"Make your company strategically and operationally more profitable for the future requirements of INDUSTRY 4.0 for maximum dynamism and flexibility" – with this VISION and our expertise, we help corporations and medium-sized companies from different industrial branches and the automotive sector accomplish difficult and seemingly unsolvable tasks and put them on the right track. In doing so, we work hand in hand with executive managements, boards and shareholders in a goal-, market- and practice-oriented manner. All our services are designed to achieve ambitious goals in a fast, reliable, professional and sustainable manner in global markets that are constantly changing – and this with lean company structures and efficient production processes.

We are solution partners at eye level

Our many years of national and international practical experience have shown that, especially in time-limited and business-critical situations, only a partner who develops and implements fast, accurate and realistic solutions from a single source will succeed in realigning a company.

We offer solutions in word and deed

We offer our services to clients from corporations and medium-sized companies from a single source, with one contact person in theory and practice – implementation-oriented and fully focused on the sustainable success of the company.

We only use selected experts

We only work with carefully selected experts who have been personally known to us for many years.

Lateral thinking!

Each company has its own dynamics and needs individual solutions to overcome temporary or permanent problems. As a practitioner with long-standing solution experience with international groups and leading medium-sized companies, I have a passion for mastering difficult and apparently unsolvable tasks in the most diverse areas of corporate realignment.

My objective: The practice-oriented development and implementation of strategic goals, e.g. optimization of SCM and production networks, production relocation and cost reduction, in conjunction with human resource issues.

Michael Goldhacker