Lateral thinking and fast, small steps
rather than purely time-consuming big leaps


GOLDHACKER CONSULTING services are holistic and take into account the entire value creation of the company

We will remain at your side throughout the entire collaboration period and support you with everything from consultancy, strategy development and processes for optimizing existing company procedures, through to the specific training and development of your employees.
Strategically and operationally we offer all the services that increase a company's success in the short, medium and long term and secure long-range prospects in global competition.

Our strategic services:

  • Support and activities relating to the search for investors and/or business partners
  • Support with searching for and selecting suitable locations for investments at home and abroad
  • Support with searching for and selecting suitable partners for technologies, plants, machines and processes as well as cooperation on value-creation topics
  • Development and implementation of global manufacturing and supply chain management concepts

Our operational services:

  • Support with INDUSTRY 4.0-related reorganization and transformation projects
  • Increased transparency in order to create real value out of data
  • Development and optimization of operational excellence programmes and production systems
  • Support and coaching of new managers in management functions
  • Professionalization of employees in all processes along the value-creation chain
  • Risk minimization in the supply chain with respect to outsourcing partners and suppliers
  • Increasing the efficiency of global SCM and production networks
  • Establishment of an efficient purchasing organization and the realization of sustainable savings
  • Support with setting up, closing and relocating factories/production facilities worldwide