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– worldwide! We have been working successfully for international corporations, renowned medium-sized companies and owner-run companies for many years. In constructive cooperation with board and shareholders as well as with the executive management, we offer support at the highest level for sustainable corporate development. Our long-standing customer relationships stand for our high quality standard in consulting and implementation in business-critical situations.

Reference projects:

Automotive: Restructuring a legal entity, safeguarding new product launches and preparing for further growth

In the course of a project lasting almost 2 years for a manufacturer of complex systems in the automotive sector, the legal entity was successfully realigned and prepared for future growth. The particular challenge here was to restructure the existing factory during ongoing serial operations and to build an additional production hall on the site of the main plant to accommodate a subsidiary plant that was to be closed. The project was successfully completed, including all technological aspects relating to the processes and systems, within budget and on schedule. Furthermore, new structures and processes were installed in the course of the project, which led to significant improvements in the operational performance of the legal entity.

Maritime: Integration of a company after M&A and transformation into a division with an existing business unit, as part of the preparation and implementation of the growth strategy

During the 10-month support period, a company acquired from a leading turnkey solution provider was integrated and merged with an existing business unit of the group to form a globally-operating division. In the course of the mandate, in addition to the merger of the units it was also necessary to establish all structures and fill all functions. Special attention was paid to taking into account the different cultural contexts due to the international orientation. Furthermore, the existing product portfolio had to be optimized according to market potential, technical feasibility, possible synergies and innovative ideas, with the aim of accelerating and sustainably stabilizing growth. The restructuring of the supply chain, including of an ongoing international project, was also successfully completed during the course of the mandate.

Electronics / Semiconductor industry: Transformation from an R&D-focused business unit into an industrial company suitable for the automotive industry by implementing suitable processes and structures

The task set for us by a well-known, industry-leading TIER 1 automotive supplier was to transform an R&D-focused company into an industrial company suitable for the automotive industry. In addition to the implementation of processes and structures suitable for the automotive industry, the focus of the mandate was on exploiting the possibilities of digitalization and Industry 4.0, especially in order to ensure the delivery performance of the serial production on highly complex systems designed for R&D and enable prompt corrective action. In the course of the project, the structures and processes were successfully implemented, delivery performance increased to 100% delivery-reliability, and significant savings were realised in material consumption.

Machine / Equipment engineering: Stabilization and realignment of the company after the global financial crisis

In the course of the 20-month assignment, the main challenge was to initially stabilize the company with the necessary sense of transformation and then realign it. By implementing the necessary changes and clear management with KPIs, we succeeded in averting the forecast negative result. This was achieved, among other things, by optimizing the production network and inventory levels as well as by altering existing contracts with business partners. In the course of the realignment, the corporate strategy was developed, personnel processes and systems were established and company locations restructured while taking into account local market requirements and trends. As a result, delivery reliability was increased from <70% to 98%, production costs were reduced by 25% and the reject rate improved from >8% to below 2%.